okay… here we go, try and stay with me.

Here at this site you are not just in charge of Team Selection you can actually buy and sell players. You buy and sell players on the forum.

Only Premiership, La Liga and SPL players are available for purchase.


Once you've agreed on a deal for a player you can manually add that player into your team. The other manager must delete the player from his roster. Then next game you play he will be available for selection.

So here is a full example of what you would do when you want to buy a player. (thought this would be the best way to explain it).

JoeBloggs is the Arsenal manager and has £50mil to spend. He goes to the forum and sees Bob123, the Manchester City manager, has left a post with all his players for transfer.
JoeBloggs sees S.Ireland available. Joe leaves a post saying "I bid 6mil for S.Ireland".Bob123 comes online and sees the offer then leaves a post accepting.

Bob123 then leaves a post in the "Transfer Confirmation ONLY" thread giving the details of the transfer (there is an example of the layout in the forum)

At this stage Admin will make sure there is know cheating (dodgey transfers) going on for example Robinho getting sold for1 mil and things.

After Admin confirms Transfer, JoeBloggs loads up fifa09 goes to Manage Teams, then Transfers then Club Transfers He then selects Manchester City and clicks on S.Ireland then goes to Arsenal and adds S.Ireland to squad.

Meanwhile Bob123 has done the same thing.

Now when JoeBloggs goes to Play a Friend S.Ireland will be in the squad and when Bob123 does the same thing S.Ireland will be missing. Bob123 now has 6mil extra to replace him and the whole cycle starts again.

Remember you will be adding other managers to your friends list so all games will be played this way. Obviously when you play ranked games or online games S.Ireland wouldn't be at Arsenal, so there's no reason to move S.Ireland in and out

To be honest its quite easy to do. You only need to do your own squad. You don't need to do every transfer.

Another quick example here:

If meanwhile Peter the Everton manager has bought Tevez from Man Utd, JoeBlogg doesn't need to do anything when he plays Everton as they will automatically have Tevez as Peter has added them to his Everton squad.

It will load up Joes team with Ireland and Peters team with Tevez even although Tevez still plays for Man Utd on Joes and Ireland plays for Man City on Peters.

Every team may have two player out on loan and two players in on loan at any given time.

You can charge as much or as little as you want, as for the length of loan there will be two options:

Half Season (Until the beginning of the 2nd Transfer Window)
End of Season

It is imperative that everyone understands the loan deals will be set out on the forum the same way the transfers are, by that I mean Admin must confirm.

With Transfers in general we will be a lot tougher, So if we don't think its a realistic offer it wont go through. I'll give you an example

Kaka on Loan to Fulham to End of Season for £2m

Would be rejected (Not that anyone would be that stupid).

We do understand that some members are closer than others and there is such a thing as Mates Rates. Just a word of warning. anyone trys to, how can i put this "extract the urine", by trying dodgy transfers will be banned. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


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