New Features

Ok for Season 2 there will be a couple of new features

Firstly if everyone goes to there Team Page they will see there full squad (including signings) from Season 1.

If you have stayed with the same team there is no need to change anything, maybe just check your squad on fifa and make sure it matches what we've got.

If you have a new team the best thing to do is re-set all squads, then go to your team page and and make the necessary ins and outs.

It is important this is done correctly as we will be much harder on illegal players this season (even if it is accidental) you may find yourself getting punished (Points Deduction)

We advise you do your squads and double check it matches ours

We are also introducing Loan deals this season, every team may loan out 2 players and loan in 2 players also.
You can charge as much or as little as you want, as for the length of loan there will be two option either….
Half Season (Until the beginning of the 2nd Transfer Window)
End of Season
It is imperative that everyone understands the loan deals will be set out on the forum the same way the transfers are, by that i mean Admin must confirm.

With Transfers in general we will be a lot tougher, So if we don't think its a realistic offer it wont go through. il give you an example

Kaka on Loan to Fulham to End of Season for 2mil

Would be rejected, (Not that anyone would be that stupid).

We do understand that some members are closer than others and there is such a thing as Mates Rates. Just a word of warning tho anyone trys to, how can i put this "extract the urine", by trying dodgy transfers they will be banned NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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